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Asian Fantasy barewood cigar. Asian Fantasy is a rare strain of unknown origins. It has a really complex flavor which blends sweet and sour. With an earthen loam, according to reports and online research.

It is a 100% unadulter sativa strain that is regularly to commend it as “The Holy Grail” of cannabis with a THC level going from 17-24% overall. BARE wax cigar.

The hereditary of this strain are obscure.

It is perfectly healthy! This moist bud has thick splendid green nugs. This peculiarly take after a fastened crab paw and speck with cherry red hairy hairs. The nugs are up with trichome and have drops of pitch sprinkle all through. This bud has an important prepared smell with a new sweet and hot taste that gets unforgiving upon breathe out. Clients have portrayed the Asian Fantasy high as a “Scaled down Burning Man” insight, in which they are spacey, marvelous, and reflective, lost in their own hallucinogenic world inside their psyches. These exceptional psychoactive impacts are joined by a light shivery warming sensation all through the body that leaves you feeling totally loose and settled in your own reality. The strong impact is an ideal strain for treating patients experiencing conditions.

More about this cigar

After rehash gossipy tidbits like this strain endure eradication. What’s unmistakable is that this strain has a solid portion of sativa in it that will get thoughts and innovativeness streaming. Barewoods Wax Cigar cartridge.

Buying this cigar from our online store will make you experience a new dimension of reality in the cannabis world. This cigar is one of the best piece of barewoods cigar we have available at our online store. Fantasy as it resembles its name is of good flavour and its contents are genuine and true to its kind. Barewoods cigars are one of its kind, with premium feel and ingredients pure weed with no fake mixtures in it. Buy asian fantasy online from our online store and get the best of a real cigar for gods.


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